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Classic Drinks


Da Killer Blue Whale

Stoli Blueberry and Cruzan Coconut rum – gone Blue (curacao),
with lemonade and the bite of 190 proof, hangin’ with a
killer blue whale $8.00

Shark Attack

This man-eater cruises off the coast of Long Island, vodka, gin,
rum, tequila and sour mix, with the blood one innocent victim $8.00

The Big Kahuna

Lucy’s Signature 64oz Fishbowl! A dangerous yet playful
blend of CRUZAN Flavored Rums and White Sangria…$20.00

Shrink it down to a 32 oz. lil’ Kahuna      only $14.00

The “Maverick”

This baby has traveled the road of the “yellowbird”….a delicious
concoction of coffee liqueur, Tia Maria, Light Rum, Creme de Banana,
Pineapple and OJ, accented with a Spiced Rum Floater $7.00


The perfect cool down on a warm sunny day. A fresh blend of
cucumbers, Hendricks gin, St. Germaine and tonic with a lime accent $7.00

Wreckless Willy

Travel down this “wicked twisted road”…ginger beer, dark rum,
fresh lime and ginger simple syrup $8.00

Afternoon Delight

A drink that just simply screams summer. Close your eyes and
imagine a dreamsicle treat $8.00


Lucy’s Classic

Gold tequila + the secret stuff = one fine margarita $5.00

Top Shelf Rita 

Up two levels, add some gran mariner and more secret stuff $8.00

Double Dos 

16 oz. of premium silver tequila with fresh squeezed lime juice
and agave nectar, clean, crisp and downright unforgettable $11.00

Red OR white sangria 

The official nectar of Lucy, the polynesian goddess of surfing $7.00
– Choose your color


Brazil’s national cocktail made with cachaca, muddled
lime and powdered sugar $7.00

Scorpion shot 

The smaller the pincher, the stronger the venom. The
consumption of these extremely dangerous Middle Eastern
scorpions is rumored to be a symbol of strength and power $20.00
Shoot the scorpion in tequila and wear the shirt to prove it!

Worm shot 

from the Bahia escorpion, Baja region. Known to have caused $20.00


Tito ’s Frozen Lemonade 

Come hang out at Lucy’s lemonade stand, Tito’s makes a children’s
classic into an adult favorite $7.00

A Drink Called Wanda 

The freshness of the island pina colada with a splash of
creme de noveaux and a fish… $7.00

The Bushwacker 

From the beaches of Pensacola and beyond, creamy blend of
Vodka, Ice Cream, Creme de Cocoa, Coffee Liquor and Coco Lopez $7.00

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